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Wheel Alignment in Pittsburgh, PA

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When the alignment of your vehicle is off, it jeopardizes your ability to drive safely. Other problems can be subtle and, in some cases, go unnoticed by the driver, but misaligned wheels can cause your car to pull to one side of the road or your steering wheel to rattle.

Even ordinary driving causes a car’s alignment to degrade over time, causing problems to occur, and resulting in poor alignment.

Hetrick’s Tire & Auto Service is delighted to provide our Pittsburgh, PA, customers with honest and dependable wheel alignment services. Our expert auto technicians use cutting-edge technology to ensure your vehicle’s suspension components are aligned and all your wheels travel in the same direction and at the same angle to the ground.

If your vehicle’s alignment appears to be incorrect, or if it has been a while since had your alignment checked, please see us and let our alignment inspection team take a look.