Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Pittsburgh, PA

Keep Your Car Running with Check Engine Light Diagnostics

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A car’s check engine light is one of the most prevalent and dreaded automotive issues many car owners may face if they haven’t already. Although it’s not the end of the world if it does illuminate, this small orange light signifies that something has gone wrong somewhere in your vehicle and could suggest many problems. As a result, whether it’s as easy as a loose gas cap or a more extensive repair, it’s vital you don’t disregard this light when it appears.

At Hetrick’s Tire & Auto Service, we always want you to feel safe in your vehicle. If your check engine light illuminates or flashes, and you’re unsure what it means, it may be time to schedule a check engine light diagnostic appointment.

Stop by to see us in Pittsburgh, PA, today to have one of our highly-trained technicians inspect your vehicle. We are committed to providing you with exceptional service at a reasonable price. Our trained staff can detect any engine problem, regardless of make or model.