Exhaust Repair

Exhaust Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

How Our Exhaust Repair Services Can Help

What We Can Do for Your Exhaust

By directing harmful gasses and pollutants away from your engine through the catalytic converter and out of the tailpipe, your exhaust plays a crucial part in allowing your car’s engine to “breathe.” Due to the same pollutants and fumes, your vehicle’s O2 sensors, the precious metals in your catalytic converter(s), and even the metal used to build these components all have a limited lifespan. Failure of these parts can cause your engine to not start or give off an awful “rotten egg” smell. At Hetrick’s Tire & Auto Service, we can help your vehicle be cleaner, quieter, and safer.

With our team of exhaust repair experts, we can diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs to ensure your engine is operating correctly and you are not inhaling harmful pollutants or negatively impacting the environment. Visit us in Pittsburgh, PA, today for professional exhaust repair.